Like most Disney bloggers, I tend to focus on the good stuff: planning the next trip, wonderful memories, the latest coolness. But there’s a flaw in that tendency. Sometimes it’s not all pixie dust and fairy tales. Sometimes plans fall through. Things don’t work out.

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A couple of months ago, it looked like we were going to pull off two separate trips to Walt Disney World next year: A romantic long weekend in February, and a family trip in September. Then things came up that blew those plans out of the realm of possibility. New possibilities surfaced that made those plans possible again, and once again, things didn’t work out.

Right now, I don’t have any great advice. It’s been tough to keep blogging, not knowing when I’ll step foot back “on property.” At the same time, I miss my daily blogging routine, hanging out in a virtual world filled with magic and wonder.

How do you cope when your plans fall through?