Before we went to Walt Disney World, I made the assumption that it would be a lot like every other theme park I’d ever been to. The glossy marketing photos are beautiful, of course, but the actual place never looks quite as pretty. Except that Disney World does!  I remember riding the monorail, looking out over the lake at the Grand Floridian, and thinking “It really does look like the postcards!”

Cinderella's Castle

This is a photo I took while we were in Magic Kingdom, because I thought I might want to sketch the most famous castle in the world.
And I’ll admit, I insisted on the Deluxe meal plan. I’ve eaten theme park food before, thanks. Greasy burgers and cold fries are not my idea of a good time. I thought if we had three sit-down meals per day, the food might be at least as good as Denny’s, and we wouldn’t be stuck trying to find an empty bench so the kids could sit down to eat.
I was completely wrong about the food. Even the quick service meals were delicious! The food alone made the trip worthwhile for us adults. When we go back, we will probably buy the Deluxe meal plan again. It was really good for our family to be able to go inside a nice, air-conditioned restaurant for lunch when the heat and noise got to be too much. We could go with the standard meal plan, but then we would have to keep track of how many sit-down and quick service meals we used.