It’s Wednesday. Middle of the week. I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done, and have another ton waiting to be done, so today I decided I needed a break. I am declaring today Virtual Vacation day!

Today’s virtual vacation theme is a romantic weekend away. I’ll tell you a secret: I really like this guy I married! I miss those long days back in college when we spent nearly every waking hour hanging out together. Then the reality hammer struck, we got jobs, we had kids….then we had more kids…in short, we got responsibilities by the truckload. All that responsibility – while I wouldn’t change a thing – kind of cuts into our long romantic walks time! So today, I’m pulling out the virtual credit card and booking an impromptu weekend at the most magical place on Earth.

And since this is a virtual vacation, I’m pulling out all the stops! First, Grandpa arrives (just after Bill leaves for work on Friday morning) to watch the kids and the dog. I get our bags packed and loaded up, and call Bill to invite him to go to lunch with me. Once we’re at the airport, I’ll explain that lunch will be airport food, but that we’re having dinner at EPCOT 🙂

Spaceship Earth at EPCOT

The most recognizable golf ball on Earth

Ok, back to planning mode…I’ve checked for available tables on Friday, May 17 around 8pm at EPCOT. It looks like I can get us ADRs at a fairly wide range of restaurants including Bistro de Paris, Tutto Italia, and La Hacienda de San Angel. Hmm….We ate at Tutto Italia last time around, and it was amazing! But this time I think we’ll go with Bistro de Paris. I’m a sucker for all things French!

After dinner, and of course IllumiNations fireworks, we’ll head to our resort. Thanks to the amazing review by Wendy Neeld at Your Highway in the Sky, I’ve decided we’ll stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. A glass of wine on the balcony while we watch the animals graze sounds like the perfect end to the day!

On Saturday morning, we’ll get up and head over to Kona Cafe for their amazing French Press coffee…oh yeah, and of course, the Tonga Toast!

Finished Tonga Toast

Finished Tonga Toast

After breakfast, we’ll head back to EPCOT to spend the day wandering the World Showcase, and I’ll finally get to experience Soarin’!

Lunch will happen where it happens – somewhere in EPCOT. Spontaneity is nice sometimes!

At some point, we’ll head back to Animal Kingdom Lodge to shower and change for dinner. We have 9pm reservations at the Chef’s Table at Victoria and Alberts!

On Sunday morning, we’ll take advantage of the Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure at Animal Kindgom. We’ll spend the rest of the day wandering Animal Kingdom before (reluctantly) boarding the Magical Express back to the airport and a non-stop flight back to reality.

Do you agree with my ADRs and resort choice – or do you have a better suggestion? How would you spend a romantic weekend at Disney World? (And sorry about the abysmal lack of photos – I wasn’t thinking like a blogger last Fall, so didn’t think to take pictures of places, just the kids!)