Disney is well-known for their conservation efforts inside the Animal Kingdom. With the help of park guests, they also fund conservation projects around the world. You can contribute to the fund in a variety of ways:

  • Add a dollar or more to your purchase of food or souvenirs inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Attend An Untamed Lunch at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Purchase reusable bags and other specified items at other Walt Disney World parks and resorts, or on the Disney Cruise Line.

Disney has teamed up with Google Earth to showcase the efforts of local groups supported by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund:

Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund projects

Los Limites Conservation Center

Download the Google Earth browser plugin, then go to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Google Earth map. Search by animal, or just browse around to find out what projects are being done in your own backyard.

Conservation projects all over the world

Conservation projects all over the world

I plan on leaving this open on the computer for the kids to find – late summer boredom is in full swing here, and this is a great way to get them thinking about the subjects we’ll be studying in just a couple of weeks!

Have you seen this yet? It’s one of the many best-kept secrets of Disney!