While I’m goofing off with Pirates and Princesses, my friend Sarah of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW has agreed to take over my regularly scheduled Foodie Friday post – and she’s sharing her top 5 surprising Disney gluten free & allergy friendly food finds! I’m pretty much planning to eat my way through her list 🙂

— Tricia

It’s no surprise that the Walt Disney World Resort is extremely accommodating for guests who special dietary needs. From the well-known food allergy friendly Mickey waffles to the much loved food allergy friendly chicken tenders, guests with special dietary needs are treated to a variety of delicious and safe food options not normally found in many restaurants, let alone a theme park! But did you know that there are some surprisingly safe and unique options for guests who are gluten free and have various other food allergies or intolerances? Here is a list of some of the most surprising gluten free and food allergy friendly finds you can get at Disney!

Fantasy Roll Sushi Splitsville

5. Gluten Free, Dairy Free Popcorn

It might seem really simple given that most popcorn is naturally gluten free, but getting popcorn that’s gluten free and dairy free is a rare treat. Most commercial popcorn contains dairy, but Disney’s popcorn does not. Yes, that’s right: you too can enjoy this treat. And it is a hands down must-do for guests who normally can’t enjoy. It’s a Disney tradition, and there’s nothing quite like visiting Main Street U.S.A. and grabbing a hot popcorn. Guests who taste this would swear it’s loaded with butter, but it’s not. That’s coconut oil and flavorings replicating the buttery deliciousness. Be sure to grab some while watching the parade or fireworks!

4. Dole Whips

Nothing is more iconic in Disney than the Dole Whip, and it may surprise you that Dole Whips are surprisingly friendly for a variety of special diets. Guests who are gluten free can easily indulge in this frozen delight. It’s also Kosher, free of most of the top common allergens, and most recently became dairy free and vegan this past year, making them a much sought after treat. However, guests with dairy allergies should avoid these, as they are served in a facility with the vanilla flavored Dole Whip, which sadly, still contains dairy. But for those who can indulge, it’s a rare treat while at the Magic Kingdom.

3. Allergy Friendly Sushi

Sushi can be real challenge for many special diets diners. Often sushi is made in commercial kitchens using a seasoning packet and is therefore not gluten free, not to mention the soy sauce! Those who might have a fish allergy might assume there are not sushi options for them either. But, this is one of those food finds that offers guests with various special dietary needs a chance to indulge. Gluten free diners will be very happy to know that most locations on Disney property can also accommodate gluten free sushi (Note: the Japan Pavilion is currently not one of them), and many of them will even provide gluten free soy sauce! If you have a fish or shellfish allergy not to worry. Locations like California Grill have a sushi menu that covers your dietary need as well. Some of the best locations for sushi on property include: California Grill, Kona Café, Splitsville and Kimonos.

Gluten free fried chicken 50's Prime Time Cafe

2. Gluten Free Fried Chicken

You’re probably thinking to yourself, how can a guest visiting Disney get a food allergy & gluten free safe fried chicken dinner? The answer is simple: Disney magic! Well, that and the fantastic chefs at 50’s Prime Time Café at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. With advance notice, this restaurant can whip up this delicious treat along with dairy free mashed potatoes and even gluten free gravy. This dish takes up to 45 minutes to prepare and requires special ingredients, so make sure to contact the Walt Disney World Special Diets Department ahead of time if you wish to enjoy this entrée on your next visit. And you’ll definitely want to. It’s just like mom makes…only gluten free and food allergy friendly!

Gluten Free Beignets Port Orleans

1. Beignets

If you’re looking for a unique gluten free and food allergy friendly item at Disney World, look no further than the version made at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort. This menu item’s gluten free and food allergy counterpart has existed for a while, but it’s only as of late that they have become a favorite staple of many gluten free and food allergy diners. And it is hands down one of the best gluten free and dairy free indulgences on Disney property. Found at Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory, guests who are gluten free and have food allergies will be overjoyed by these little puffs of sweetness. Utilizing a dedicated fryer (and available at breakfast, lunch and dinner), these beignets are available for anyone who inquires and has about 8-10 minutes to spare. And why wouldn’t you for something deep fried, smothered in powdered sugar, and food allergy friendly?

These are just a few of the amazing…and surprising…gluten free and food allergy treats you’ll find at Disney. It’s true that even dining at WDW with a special diet is pure Disney magic!

 Sarah is the owner of Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW where she writes dining reviews and shares tips and tricks about dining at Disney with a special diet.