Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Yellow. Enjoy the ride as we share with you what we consider the perfect Disney Christmas gift. When I started thinking about how to introduce a little Disney magic into this Christmas, the obvious answer was – unfortunately – out of reach:

I am pretty sure if the kids came downstairs on Christmas morning and saw nothing but this, they’d still declare it Best Christmas Present EVER. Actually, I think if we did take a Christmas trip to Walt Disney World, we’d come home from the Christmas Vigil Mass on December 24 to an envelope from Santa Claus with plane tickets and a note saying “Made a mistake – your presents got misdelivered! Pick them up here.” Feigning as much confusion as the kids we’d head over to the airport (where a friend would be waiting out of sight with our luggage). I’d take the kids to look around while Bill “sorted things out” at the ticket counter (and got our bags checked in). He’d join us, feigning annoyance, and announce that he couldn’t get it worked out, we were just going to have to go pick up the presents. Onto the plane, everybody!

Once we got to our resort, we’d walk in to find a decorated Christmas tree with a few small presents – a Princess doll for beth, pirate swords for Alex and Patrick, and an electric monorail train set running around the base of the tree for Will.

But back here in reality-land, where we have to consider things like time off and budgets and so on, we’ll have to scale back a bit.

For a Princess, a big girl bed is a must. She’s decided that her convertible crib is still a crib. She wants a Big Girl Bed. While I’d love to give her this one (Ok, let’s be honest – I’d love to get it for myself!):

Somehow I don’t see it happening. This one is a little more reasonable:

Then on to the boys….I love this room for them! Not only are pirates one of the things they all can agree on, but it’s got a swing! Yeah, I think just about any kid would love a swing in their bedroom, but for my kids it’s also a sensory therapy tool. Swinging is incredibly calming for them, perfect for right before bedtime. I could easily replace this one with their cuddle swing when they need some help coming out of meltdown or settling in for the night, then put this one back up for play times.

My Christmas shopping is done! What’s your perfect Disney Christmas gift for yourself, the kids, or the whole family?

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Magik Mouse.

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