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Disney Memories

Disney Storytelling in Every Detail

This week’s Wordless Wednesday, hosted by Focused on the Magic, has a theme that’s very close to my heart: Storytelling. Every theme park has some sort of water mister to help guests cool down on hot summer days. Disney storytelling takes it one step further. Why have something that’s just functional, when you could use it to fire the imagination? That’s exactly what Disney has done with these tikis. They set up a creative scenario, and let my son tell the story! What could be more magical than that? Pin It
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Disney Magic

Disney Architecture on (almost) Wordless Wednesday

Thanks to Focused on the Magic for hosting the Disney Wordless Wednesday blog hop! I’ve always been fascinated by castles – probably because of Disney! I snapped this shot from the side, because I loved all the little details in the spires, and how the castle was reflected in the pool. You can’t get this serene, quiet scene from the front of the castle. I can almost imagine that there’s no one else around. Pin It
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