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Disney Magic

Inspiration, or Why Am I Here?

It’s Thursday, and that means of course that it’s Blog Hop Day! Thanks, as always, to Lisa at Babes in Disneyland for hosting our weekly get-together. This week’s theme is Inspiration. What gets me up at 5am five or six days a week to write this blog? I’d love to tell you I do it for some wonderfully altruistic reason – to share my knowledge, perhaps. Ok, there’s some of that. I love that because I’m writing, there are parents out there who realize they cantake their special needs family on a real vacation. But really, if we’re going to be totally honest here, I do it because I have to. When I don’t write about Disney, I get Grumpy! Writing is one way I can immerse in Disney magic every day. Those of you who have been around for a while know that this project started out as a way to...
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Wide Age Range Virtual Vacation

Last week, I mentioned a friend who didn’t believe a family vacation at Disney (or anywhere else for that matter) was a possibility because her children are at such different ages. She has a college graduate, a freshman in high school, and a second grader. My goal with today’s Virtual Vacation is to prove that no matter how your family is composed, there really is something for everyone at Disney! I’ll start them slow with a 3-day getaway: First, I’ve chosen the All Star Music Resort for this family, since their middle son is a drummer. The All Star Music is also the only value resort that features family suites, which sleep up to 6 guests – great for a larger family! Day 1: Their first stop is Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort for breakfast, then it’s a short Monorail ride to the  Magic Kingdom. The rides might not be...
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Disney Dining

Virtual Vacation: Going to Paris!

It’s Virtual Vacation Wednesday! These posts are all fantasy, a little fun and relaxation in the middle of the week. Most of the time, planning is half the fun but this week what I really needed from my virtual vacation was to just go and let somebody else do the thinking. So I showed up on one of my favorite blogger’s virtual doorstep and said “It’s been a long week….we’re going to Disneyland!” Manda lives in Scotland and writes about Disneyland Paris Manda’s Disney Blog. ************* Here’s our girls’ weekend in Disneyland Paris ************* So Tricia turns up on my doorstep with 2 day 2 Park Disneyland Paris tickets! (I would always go for longer, but to keep this virtual vacation from turning into a book … I’m sticking with a 2 day trip! 😛 ) Let the virtual vacation begin! I’ve been instructed that money is no object with my...
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