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Just the Resort, Thanks.

I’ve written a few virtual vacation posts centered around a common theme – a quick weekend trip to Walt Disney World without the kids. It’s become one of those “Life is really stressful right now and we’re not getting anywhere talking about the problems, so let’s just let it go and talk about something else” conversation starters in our house! “If we could head to Walt Disney World this afternoon, where would we stay?” “If we could have dinner at Epcot tonight, where would we go?” It’s gotten me thinking. How crazy would it be to book rooms at a Disney resort, make Advanced Dining Reservations, and skip the theme park tickets? One of my big regrets from our first trip is that we really didn’t take time to enjoy the activities and atmosphere of our resort. Could we make a weekend getaway happen without visiting the parks? And...
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Virtual Vacation: Luxury Weekend for Two

It’s FINALLY Friday! It’s been one of those weeks, where if it weren’t for email Bill and I wouldn’t have had anything resembling a real conversation! I’m kinda missing him – he’s been here, but we’ve both been so busy and crazy that there hasn’t been much time for us to spend together. So I’m indulging in my favorite way to de-stress: a Virtual Vacation! Today I’ve got luxury on the brain. All too often the word “budget” determines what we do and where we go. Today I’m throwing the budget out the window and going for nothing but the best. Everyone knows Disney does family vacations. They’re easily one of the best family destinations in the world. But they do an amazing job of catering to couples as well. When we’ve been to Walt Disney World, we’ve always taken the kids, so today I’m pulling out the virtual credit...
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Disney Memories

Virtual Vacation Week: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It’s Day 2 of our Virtual Vacation Week at Walt Disney World. Time to get up everybody – This morning we’re going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom! First we’ll eat an early breakfast with Donald Duck at Tusker House, then it’s off to the safari! Our kids weren’t old enough for the Wild Africa Trek, but I hope we can do it next time. Be here bright and early tomorrow for Epcot Day! Pin It
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