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Autism and ADHD

Disney World with Autistic Kids

10 tips for making Disney magical for your autistic child: Bring small sensory items – a chewy, Wilbarger brush, or headphones if your child uses them. Disney can be loud and visually stimulating on a slow day. Add in large crowds and any child – with or without sensory issues – can get overwhelmed. Being able to duck into a restroom or another quiet spot for a quick brushing helped our kids deal with the sensory overload. Choose your character dining experiences – we went to the safari breakfast at Tusker House and loved it. The character dinner at Chef Mickey’s was too much. Had we known that the theme at Chef Mickey’s was a rock-and-roll party, we would have done something else instead. You can always call ahead and simply ask if there will be loud music, flashing lights, or any other triggers. Ask where the nursing rooms are...
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Total cost: $5000

A friend asked me this morning whether my math was correct. Yep, $5000 is the total cost for our family of 6 to spend a full week at Walt Disney World. First, we’ll take advantage of one of the great deals Disney offers for off-season travel. Right now, it’s Kids Eat and Play Free. Last time we went, we took advantage of the free meal plan. Plus, we go in early September, which is one of the least expensive AND least crowded times!  We never waited more than about 20 minutes for any ride or attraction.   Pin It
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How much is this going to cost?

Last time we went to Walt Disney World, we got to the resort late Monday night, and left mid-day Friday. That gave us basically three and a half days there. By lunchtime each day, the kids were exhausted, overheated, and overstimulated so we went back to our hotel for nap and quiet time until dinner.  This time, we would like to be at the resort for a full five days, so we’re going to try to arrive late Sunday and leave early Saturday. We want to stay at a moderate resort, but due to our family size we’ll need two rooms. Hopefully I can get connected ones. For this trip, we’re hoping to travel with another family. If we can add just two more people to our party, we’ll have the 8 required for a Grand Gathering, and all the perks that go along with that. We’ll also be...
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