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What Makes the Magic Happen?

Disney magic is different for everyone. As I’m planning our return to Disney World, I’ve seen a lot of information on visiting Disney on a budget, cutting costs, and so on. Some of it makes sense, but I’m staring at a hard decision: What’s essential, and what’s not? I knew when I started this journey that earning enough money above and beyond what I need to contribute to our family budget wasn’t going to be easy. I still don’t know for certain that I’ll be able to pull it off. Freelancing is a high-risk career – I may be drowning in work one week and have nothing to do (except blog!) the next. I won’t know for sure that I can pull off this trip until every last dime is actually in the bank. I priced out different options recently, and it really hit me – staying at a...
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Total cost: $5000

A friend asked me this morning whether my math was correct. Yep, $5000 is the total cost for our family of 6 to spend a full week at Walt Disney World. First, we’ll take advantage of one of the great deals Disney offers for off-season travel. Right now, it’s Kids Eat and Play Free. Last time we went, we took advantage of the free meal plan. Plus, we go in early September, which is one of the least expensive AND least crowded times!  We never waited more than about 20 minutes for any ride or attraction.   Pin It
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