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Not Ready to Leave the Magic Behind?

Today I’m guest blogging over at Manda’s Disney Blog. Throughout July and August Manda has been featuring some amazing guest posts from all over the Disney blogosphere, and I’m honored that she asked me to round out the series. I’m not ready to let summer go just yet – my head just won’t accept that it’s time to buckle down and get back into school, prep for the holiday season, and so on. It’s like the feeling you get when you see the Magical Express bus pull up outside your resort and you realize it’s time to leave the Disney magic behind and return to real life. SO…to extend the magic just a little longer, I’m writing about extending your Walt Disney World vacation by just a few more days! Check out the full post, and leave a comment! Pin It
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Autism and ADHD

Disney and Autism – Guest Appearance on The Best Magic

I recently spoke with Sal Tracanna from The Best Magic as part of his Disney and Autism – A Match Made in Heaven series. Come join us as we discuss the challenges and the magic of bringing kids with autism to Disney World. We talked about everything from the rides to the food and how your resort choice can make a huge difference in the success of your vacation. This interview is part 2 in the series. In Part 1, Sal sat down with one of my favorite Disney bloggers, Kathy Kelly from The Many Adventures of a Disney Lovin’ Spectrum Mom. In Part 3, Kathy and I will both participate in a round table discussion. What would you like to know about visiting Disney parks with children affected by autism spectrum disorders? Leave a comment and let me know!   Pin It
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Disney Dining

Virtual Vacation: Going to Paris!

It’s Virtual Vacation Wednesday! These posts are all fantasy, a little fun and relaxation in the middle of the week. Most of the time, planning is half the fun but this week what I really needed from my virtual vacation was to just go and let somebody else do the thinking. So I showed up on one of my favorite blogger’s virtual doorstep and said “It’s been a long week….we’re going to Disneyland!” Manda lives in Scotland and writes about Disneyland Paris Manda’s Disney Blog. ************* Here’s our girls’ weekend in Disneyland Paris ************* So Tricia turns up on my doorstep with 2 day 2 Park Disneyland Paris tickets! (I would always go for longer, but to keep this virtual vacation from turning into a book … I’m sticking with a 2 day trip! 😛 ) Let the virtual vacation begin! I’ve been instructed that money is no object with my...
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