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Top 5 Food Experiences at Walt Disney World

Welcome to those of you joining me from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail. This month, we’re talking about one of my favorite topics – food! Specifically, our Top 5 foods or restaurants at Disney. I’m a serious foodie. Meals can make or break my vacations, which probably explains a lot about where I travel, and why I’d return to Walt Disney World in a heartbeat! Picking just five food experiences I’d love to re-experience has been tough. It’s really not fair, when even the fast food is pretty good! But I’ll give it a shot: 5. Spirit of Aloha dinner show. The show itself was mixed – I could easily skip the first half which was more kitschy dinner theater than I really care for. The second half, featuring traditional polynesian dancers, was amazing. Our entire family, including...
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Wide Age Range Virtual Vacation

Last week, I mentioned a friend who didn’t believe a family vacation at Disney (or anywhere else for that matter) was a possibility because her children are at such different ages. She has a college graduate, a freshman in high school, and a second grader. My goal with today’s Virtual Vacation is to prove that no matter how your family is composed, there really is something for everyone at Disney! I’ll start them slow with a 3-day getaway: First, I’ve chosen the All Star Music Resort for this family, since their middle son is a drummer. The All Star Music is also the only value resort that features family suites, which sleep up to 6 guests – great for a larger family! Day 1: Their first stop is Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort for breakfast, then it’s a short Monorail ride to the  Magic Kingdom. The rides might not be...
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Disney Dining

Special Diets on the Disney Dining Plan

For our family at least, Disney restaurants are a big part of the vacation. As you found out last Foodie Friday, I do love to cook! But I’ll admit, I love eating out too. It’s a huge luxury for me to sit back, relax, and let someone else handle the details – and the dishes! But like everything else, eating out isn’t exactly simple with our family. One of our boys has a nut allergy. Thankfully, his is not severe, and he can be around nuts as long as he doesn’t eat them and avoiding nuts is usually not too difficult. I still have to ask, every time we eat out, every time he has a snack at Cub Scouts, every time we eat dinner with another family – “Does anything here have nuts in it?” Usually when I ask that question in a restaurant, the server pauses for...
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Autism and ADHD

Character Dining with Autistic Kids

Character dining is one of the most memorable activities offered at Disney resorts, but for children with autism, the experience can be stressful and overwhelming. Many autistic kids, including ours, also have sensory processing or sensory integration disorder. Simply put, they are either over- or under-sensitive to sensory input – sounds, visual stimulation, touch, even scents can be overwhelming. We attended two character dining events during our first trip to Disney World. Our first character dining experience was the safari breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.   It was a very calm, relatively orderly affair — maybe because it was early in the morning! Everyone enjoyed the experience, although we did learn that our little Princess has a deathly fear of Goofy. Donald got a big kiss though! Our second character dining experience was completely the opposite. We went to Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. The theme for...
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