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Kill Refurb Marry Aerial Spinner Rides

In the middle of the December crazies, one of my blogging buddies invited me to join the newest Disney blog hop, Kill Refurb Marry, hosted by Mouse on the Mind. The mere thought of adding one more thing to my schedule in December made me laugh hysterically, but I promised to get on board in January, so here we are! This month’s theme is Aerial Spinner Rides. The theory is to choose three attractions – one that just needs to die, one that could use a touch-up, and one that is perfect just the way it is. Before I get started, let me get one thing out of the way: All three of these rides are essentially the same attraction. You ride in a circle, you control whether you go up and down, and they’re aimed at the low-thrill crowd. So what I’m really looking at here is the theming...
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Happy Birthday Mickey!

Welcome to our Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Blog Hop! This year Mickey Mouse will be turning 83 and we thought it would be fun to all celebrate with our little ones. I’m bringing a craft to the party today. You can find links to the other party ideas at the end of this post. As I was looking around the web for some fun activities, I decided to feature one for each age group: preschoolers, elementary school age, and teens. Since they have the shortest attention spans, we’ll start with the little ones! (And as a warning, while I may have started these out with instructions on , like everything else I do I end up changing it around in the end.) Mickey Mousepad Craft for Preschoolers According to the instructions, you simply cut out the Mickey hand template, trace it onto a plain cloth mousepad and fill in with...
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