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Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival Replaces Captain EO

I’ll admit, when I’ve been in Epcot, I’ve passed right by the Magic Eye Theater featuring Captain EO starring Michael Jackson. I’m more into fantasy than sci-fi, and I’ve never been a big Michael Jackson fan, so the whole attraction just wasn’t for me. I suspect I’m not the only one. This attraction was originally shown for 10 years, ending in 1996. It was brought back as a tribute in 2010, after Michael Jackson’s death. Being in Futureland, it’s time to keep moving and look forward to something new. Starting in December, the Magic Eye Theater will feature the Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival featuring Disney & Pixar shorts shown in 4D. Disney also hinted at some behind the scenes insights – so maybe we’ll get interviews with imagineers as well? No word yet on which shorts will be featured, so we’ll just have to wait and see....
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Top 5 Spinning Attractions at Disney World

If you have a child with sensory integration disorder, you know how easily they can become overwhelmed. Activities that stimulate specific senses help them stay calm and relaxed, and provide relief from sensory overload. Not every sensory-friendly activity is appropriate for every child, or every situation. For sensory seekers who crave a spinning motion, here are my top 5 spinning attractions at Disney World: Dumbo the Flying Elephant: This ride is a classic spinning attraction. Guests sit in gondolas that fly through the air and can maneuver up and down. [box type=”info”] Tip: If the line is too long at Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Head to Adventure Land and ride Aladin’s Magic Carpet or Tomorrowland for the Astro Orbiter – they’re all the same ride with different theming! Mad Tea Party: The classic teacup ride spins in two ways at once. The entire floor spins in one direction, while riders...
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