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Virtual Vacation – Thanksgiving at WDW

There’s been a lot of talk about how Disney celebrates the holidays, but I’ve always been a little dubious. Let’s face it, the holidays are crazy enough without adding a vacation to the mix! I don’t think I could handle visiting Walt Disney World over Christmas, but what about Thanksgiving? It’s a holiday that’s all about food, at least for me! I love the chance to go over the top and cook enough food to feed a small army, even when it’s just our family. It’s my chance to indulge in a fantasy. (Come back on Wednesday to see my Disney-inspired Thanksgiving menu!) But what if . . . instead of spending the Thanksgiving holiday in a whirlwind of baking and cooking and cleaning, we hopped a plane to Orlando? I’m not sure I could handle it, but I’ll give it a shot in this Virtual Vacation! Wednesday: Arrival...
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Another Reason to Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I’ve been out of the blog hop loop for a while, but I’m back in this week! Thanks to our host, Lisa of Babes in Disneyland! This week’s theme is “Celebrations” and I can’t think of a better thing to celebrate than a new baby! Back in August, I wrote about the new edition to the elephant family at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Next month, another new baby will make her debut on the savannah. On October 1, a baby okapi calf was born. She’s been spending her days backstage bonding with her mother before she goes out to explore the wider habitat. Okapi are generally shy, silent animals that live alone or in mother-calf pairs, making them extremely hard to find in the wild. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you may just get lucky enough to see one up close! While they look like a member of the zebra family, zoologists...
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