Star Wars Game Day Reviews

It’s no secret: we’re a family of geeks and gamers. Star Wars is kind of a thing in our house, so when Wonder Forge Games asked if I’d like to review their latest Star Wars themed board games, I immediately put “Star Wars Game Day” on the calendar. And well…you saw the boys’ reaction to it in our first unboxing video. What you didn’t see was my husband behind the camera. He was geeking out as much as anyone!

I was provided products to review by the manufacturer. The opinions expressed in this article are my own.

We played three games:

  • Star Wars Pictopia
  • Star Wars Galaxy Hunt
  • Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike

Overall, we had a great time. All three games were simple enough for the younger kids to enjoy, but interesting enough for the older ones — and adults — to enjoy as well.

We started out with Star Wars Galaxy Hunt, which includes a base and several geometrically shaped pieces. You load the pieces randomly on the base then pull back the red arm to lock them in. One by one, each player must spin to find out which shaped piece they must remove from the base. If the arm moves, that player loses points.

Star Wars Galaxy Hunt by Wonder Forge Games

This game really made us think in terms of both strategy and engineering principles. We were constantly evaluating the forces acting on each piece to try to anticipate which ones we could remove without causing the spring-loaded arm to move. We did end up creating a house rule that stated you couldn’t “test” pieces before choosing one, because it was too easy to feel whether the piece could move or not. If we were playing with a group of younger kids, we might reverse that rule.

After two or three rounds, we moved on to Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike. This was another strategy game, but with more depth and intensity. The goal of the game is to move all of your pieces along the arms of the game board without being hit by the Star Destroyer’s laser.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Strike by Wonder Forge Games

The older kids and adults had fun with this one, but it was too intense for my younger ones. It wasn’t scary or inappropriate, just very fast-paced, which was difficult for my son with autism. The older kids enjoyed it a lot, especially the challenge of placing the mirror just so to angle the light to hit the target.

And finally, we opened up Star Wars Pictopia.

Star Wars Pictopia by Wonder Forge Games

Unfortunately, my battery died, so no video of that one…and that might just be for the best! When geeks start debating about who’s right when it comes to obscure details of their favorite movie franchise….let’s just say it’s not always pretty! (And I lost. Badly. To a 12 year old kid.)

It’s a take on Trivial Pursuit, without all those sports questions to get in the way. You win by correctly answering questions about the Star Wars movies and advancing your tokens along the game board. The real fun in this game is sharing a fandom, and of course the inevitable insistence on re-watching the movies to see who’s really right.

Overall, we had a great time during our Star Wars Game Day. All three games can be relatively quick, about 15-30 minutes per game, and are easy to learn without being simplistic or boring. They’ve got a permanent place on our game shelf!

Have you played any of these games? I’d love to hear your reaction too – leave a comment below.