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Babes in Disneyland Blog Hop

Have a Very Happy Thursday, as Pooh would say. Thursdays are always fun around here, because it’s Blog Hop day! Thanks to Lisa from Babes in Disneyland for hosting, as always.

This week’s theme is family, and that actually turned out to be a bit difficult. Almost everything I write about here centers around my family! As I’ve been thinking it over today, I realized there is one thing I haven’t covered here at Return to Disney: the Disney Cruise Line. While I was running my launch party giveaway in April, I reviewed the Disney Parks videos, including one about the Disney Cruise Line. We hope to take our family on a Disney vacation every year or so, and we’re expecting that we’ll probably branch out from the two American theme parks eventually. Disneyland Paris is definitely on my must-do list, thanks to the great photos and stories at Manda’s Disney Blog! I’d like to try Adventures by Disney too, when the kids are a bit older.

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship

The Disney Dream Cruise Ship

I was really disappointed in the Disney Cruise Line. It’s not even on the “maybe” list for one simple reason: Family. If there’s one thing Disney does better than anybody, it’s family. But everything we saw about the Disney cruise line talked about splitting up families – there’s one area just for adults, another area just for teens, and a third just for younger kids. I didn’t see anything for a family to do together. That really bothered me. We can’t be the only family that actually wants to spend our vacation time together! To top it off, having special needs kids really limits our ability to drop them off in day care. Just seeing the activity rooms set up for kids made me cringe. My kids would be in sensory overload within 10 minutes, and I’d get The Call asking me to come pick them up.

Have you gone on a Disney cruise? Are my impressions pretty accurate, or am I totally off-base?