Disney Foodie Blog Hop

Disney Foodie Blog Hop

Welcome to the Disney Foodie blog hop! Our theme this week is Snacktime.

Participation in the weekly theme is not mandatory, but is a lot of fun! Feel free to be creative in your interpretation ā€“ post a foodie photo from the parks, your favorite Disney-inspired recipes, or a story with food at its heart. Link up to your post, hop through to see what others have written, and remember to leave a comment – every blogger is really looking for a conversation with their readers!

We’re not usually big on snacks in our house. It’s just such a production to get everybody sitting down at the table, and it seems like even the simplest snacks have variations. This kid wants peanut butter on his graham crackers. That one wants his sandwiched. If i served morning and afternoon snacks, I’d never leave the kitchen! The alternative is to set out a plate of crackers or a bowl of fruit and let the kids graze….which they would, and then I’d hear “HEY! How come I didn’t get any?” after a sibling proceeded to eat the whole bowl of grapes. I’ll pass, thanks!

Key to the World Card

Your Key to the World Card stores all your Dining Plan information.

But that’s at home. One of the things I absolutely love about a Disney vacation is the Dining Plan. Most vacations we take are to regional resorts, where you pay for everything separately. And the thing I love about the Disney Dining Plan is that it lets me say “yes” to things I’d normally say “no” to, like snacks. At a non-Disney resort, if the kids want a snack I have to do a quick mental budget check. I hate that! At Disney, it’s already paid for. We buy the Deluxe plan, which gives us three table service meals and two snacks per person, per day. The only thing I have to think about is “Have we had two snacks yet today?” Odds are we haven’t! And even if we have, we’ll have a few extras from our first and last days at the resort. It’s no big deal. I adore things that are no big deal!

My absolute favorite snack at Walt Disney World? The smoothies at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies in Tomorrowland. They’re delicious, reasonably healthy, and perfect on those hot days. What’s your absolute favorite WDW snack?

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