I know, I’ve been quiet a lot lately. But today I’ve got someone to introduce to you who is anything but quiet: Sidonie Smith is an accomplished singer, actress, and musician – and as much of a Disney geek as you and me. To celebrate the launch of her One Woman Disney Medley on YouTube, she’s agreed to join us today to answer a few questions and share some of her work:

Sidonie, welcome to Return to Disney! Thanks for joining me.

You’re an accomplished actress, singer, and musician. Have you ever performed in a Disney production?
Yes– two! I had the pleasure of being a cast member at Walt Disney World! I performed in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in a show called “Safari Celebration”.

Safari Celebration with Sidonie Smith

Safari Celebration with Sidonie Smith

When I moved to Europe, I got to play my absolute dream role– the title role in Disney’s AIDA. The whole show took place outside on the ruins of a real castle in central Germany!

Disney's AIDA

Disney’s AIDA

If you had to choose – would you rather play a Princess or a Villainess?
I had a ball playing the princess in Disney’s AIDA…I think it’s about time to tackle a villainous role!

What inspired you to create your One-Woman Disney series?
I am convinced that I have the coolest job in the world. Being in the Broadway musical “Sister Act” in such a beautiful city as Vienna is a dream come true!

Official Sister Act (Vienna)

However, even with such an artistic occupation, my little brain still goes searching for other creative outlets. The One-Woman DISNEY Series is that outlet — an enormous arts and crafts project, if you will! I get to create the costumes, the hair/makeup, the lighting, the editing and of course arrange, play and sing some of my favorite music in the world.

Your One-Woman Disney videos are clearly not a quick weekend project. What do you hope to accomplish with this series?
I created it hoping to reach all kinds of people: Disney lovers, music lovers, theatre lovers, even makeup lovers. I hope it makes people all over the world smile.

Living in Vienna, have you had the chance to visit any of the real-life castles that inspired the Disney versions?
I got to visit the Neuschwanstein castle where Walt got his inspiration for Cinderella’s Castle (Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland) and Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland). It is breathtaking!

Why Disney? What about Disney speaks to you so deeply?
The music. I have always loved Disney music. I starting composing and arranging pretty early and by 7th grade my dream was to be just like Alan Menken and film score for Disney one day. I never dreamt that I’d actually get to meet the Disney Music master himself. However, Alan Menken is also the composer of Sister Act and when he came to Vienna to see the show, I got to meet AND perform for him! Dreams really do come true!

Where can we find out more about your One-Woman Disney Series?
I post series updates regularly on my Facebook artist page (facebook.com/sidoniesmithofficialpage) as well as on Twitter (@siddielove). Please say hello! I’d love to meet you!

And now for a little controversy: Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris?
That’s an easy one! I am a Florida girl through and through! Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando 🙂

How About Some Stats? What are your Disney Favorites:

Princess: Tianna
Villain: Ursula
Ride: Soarin’
Animated Film: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Live Action Film: Mary Poppins
Park: Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Food: Prezels in Germany (Epcot- World Showcase)
Song: Hmm..today? I’ll go with “Zip e dee doo dah”!
Memory: Singing at Walt Disney World with my 4th grade choir

Thank you so much for joining me today, Sidonie! Check out Sidonie’s One Woman Disney Medley – and be sure to add your own comments and questions below!

°O° 11 Disney Songs
°O° 4 Walt Disney World Parks
°O° 43 Makeup/Hair Looks
°O° 2 1/2 Months to Complete
°O° 1 Voice
°O° 1 Violin