Disney’s newest promotion, Show Your Disney Side, brings up an interesting twist on Disney. In years past, they’ve focused on the characters (Limited Time Magic) and memories, but this year, it’s all about the fans. It’s about geeking out on Disney. I can’t help but wonder if this new focus on fandom is related to Disney’s acquisition of the Marvel comics. Sure, they’ve had Star Wars for some time, and nobody will argue that Star Wars geeks aren’t…well, geeky. But comic book geeks are a little different. Or maybe it’s just the times that have changed. Geek isn’t the insult it used to be, a couple of decades ago. Thanks to shows like The Big Bang Theory and Heros of Cosplay, geekdom is emerging from the basements and back rooms as something Very Cool.

What does Show Your Disney Side have to do with geekdom? There are two pillars of geekdom: participation and celebration. This promotion has them both.


Geeks don’t just sit back and read comic books or watch movies. Sure, it might start there, but then we go out and make costumes and play games and get into long, heated discussions about tiny esoteric details (that I suspect the writers never imagined anyone would ever debate!). That participation is almost always public. We geeks like to congregate. Sometimes we take over several square blocks of a city for a weekend (Thanks Indianapolis!). Other times it’s just the kitchen table. But it’s a shared experience. Geeking out alone is kind of boring.

Show Your Disney Side is centered on the idea of shared participation. Instead of focusing on your individual family’s vacation plans, Disney invites you to share your experience, your story.

[box type=”shadow”] When you post pictures or videos on sharing sites like YouTube, use the hashtag #DISNEYSIDE. They may show up on the DisneySide.com website![/box]

It’s very cool that this year, Disney is turning the spotlight away from themselves and onto us – the fans.


When a hard-core geek spends hundreds of hours putting together a meticulously crafted, down-to-the-detail accurate costume, it’s not just about playing dress up or doing a craft project. It’s a way of honoring and celebrating that thing that they love, that part of themselves that they recognize in that character.

I love that Disney recognizes that in its fans. For me, my Disney geekdom is really wrapped up in finding that truest part of myself that Disney helped me rediscover.

Show Your Disney Side

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