We’re getting close to our return trip to Walt Disney World, and the reality of the situation is starting to sink in. This year, we’re driving to Florida. Plane tickets are just too expensive this time – they would cost almost half of what we’re spending on the vacation itself! So we’re hitting the road, and that means road trip snacks – Disney style, of course!

To make the trip even more fun, we’re surprising the kids! They know we have a trip planned, but we’ve been a little vague about the dates, so this should work. The plan is to pick them up from school on a Friday afternoon, van packed and ready to go. We’ll get on the interstate heading South and see how far we get before they figure out where we’re headed. Of course, I plan to drop plenty of hints, and I found the perfect one!


Disney Road Snacks – healthy and fun

The kids are used to a snack right after school, but I’m not crazy enough to hand them a bunch of chocolate chip cookies and then expect them to sit quietly in the car for several hours until we stop for dinner. These Mickey-shaped snack trays have apple slices, grapes, and cheddar cheese squares – actual cheddar, not the cheap American cheese that tastes like plastic!

Apples Grapes Cheese

Apples, Grapes, and Cheese – Yum!

I see a few big wins here:

  • It’s a Mickey head. What better way to get in the mood for a trip to disney?
  • The snacks are fresh and natural, so I can feel good about letting the kids munch. What am I going to say? “Quit eating apple slices, you’ll ruin your dinner?”
  • They aren’t all that messy, making them perfect for eating in the car. The kids’ hands might get a little sticky, but that’s what baby wipes are for. At least there won’t be crumbs and chocolate everywhere.

As I was planning this post, I got an email from Disney Consumer Products letting me know that they would have a booth at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit this week, where they will feature their whole line of Disney-themed fresh fruit and vegetable snacks.

Healthy Messaging

Will the kids read this after they finish eating?

Disney has made fresh fruits available in the parks for years, and the Mickey Check Meal program helps parents and kids choose heathy meal options. I’m thrilled to see that they are expanding into local grocery stores as well. Let’s face it, if putting Mickey Mouse on a package of carrot sticks convinces kids that vegetables are snack-worthy, that’s not a bad thing. With all the controversy over companies sending questionable messages to kids through their marketing, I appreciate Disney using their characters to promote healthy lifestyles.

I found the Mickey-shaped Foodles in the produce section at Target. Have you seen them in your local grocery stores?