DecalGirl Disney Skins and Cases


A few weeks ago, a representative from DecalGirl reached out to me to share their newest product line featuring official Disney artwork. I spent way too long geeking out over their catalog, so I knew you’d love it too – and to celebrate, they’ve agreed to sponsor a giveaway! One lucky winner will receive a DecalGirl Skin of their choice valued up to $25. Read on for my full DecalGirl skins review, and enter at the end.

Disclaimer: I received several samples of DecalGirl products in exchange for an unbiased review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


DecalGirl started in 2003 making full-color skins for a wide variety of electronic devices, including cell phones, laptops, and even gaming devices. They are the only skin company offering officially licensed Disney skins and cases, and they pride themselves on producing their products 100% in the USA, with US-made materials, using the same printers used for fine-art prints.

What’s Your #DisneySide?

Are you a Disney Princess at heart? Or is Kermit The Frog more your type? Maybe your #DisneySide is darker, more villainous? Or edgy and futuristic. Either way, show it off!

DecalGirl iPhone Case

I already loved my kindle and my iPhone – they were my oases in a crazy world (when they weren’t being “borrowed!”). Now, those devices make me smile every time I pull them out, because they remind me of my other happy oasis: Disney! Last month I wrote a post about fending off post-Vacation blues, and this is a big part of that. DecalGirl skins and cases help bring a little bit of Disney into the most stressful, busy, crazy moments of my life – the moments when I need them most!

Skins Are Easy to Apply and Remove

Removing DecalGirl Skin

I’ve always avoided skins on my devices. I don’t like the sticky adhesive some companies use. There’s too much pressure to get it applied perfectly the first time, and what if I change my mind, or upgrade my device? Too much trouble. DecalGirl skins solve this problem. They use a different adhesive method that’s not sticky at all. I applied a skin to my Kindle, then removed and reapplied it several weeks later, and you’d never be able to tell. I even took it with me to Walt Disney World, and the skin looked as new when I got home as it did the day I took it out of the package. When I removed it, my Kindle had no residual stickiness. I was able to reapply it with no trouble – the adhesive didn’t seem to be damaged by removing it from my device.

Perk Up an Older Device

Old Device New Life collage

My iPad isn’t the latest and greatest any more. It’s been through four kids. It’s got it’s fair share of battle scars. I loved how a new skin from DecalGirl made it look like new!

Comfy Case

DecalGirl iPhone case back

I also tried out a hard case for my iPhone. It fit snugly and was very comfortable to carry around in my jeans pocket (an improvement over my last iPhone case!), but is difficult to remove. I don’t see that as a huge downside, since I don’t switch cases that often, and the DecalGirl case doesn’t interfere with the camera or any of the phone’s features.

Plenty of Options

DecalGirl iPad skin in package

One of the things DecalGirl prides themselves on is the number of devices they provide skins and cases for. If you’ve got a cell phone or tablet that isn’t one of the two most popular brands, you’re not out of luck. With over 500 supported devices, chances are you’re covered. As of this writing, they offer 20 different categories of Disney artwork to choose from (and keep adding more – I’ve revised this sentence twice!). I tested skins for my iPhone, Kindle, iPad, and laptop. They also make skins for Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo DS, and a handful of other gaming devices I’ve never heard of (and that’s saying something!).


Now that you’ve gotten my take on DecalGirl skins and cases – it’s your turn! DecalGirl has offered to sponsor a giveaway for Return to Disney readers! One winner will receive their choice of skins valued up to $25. Check out DecalGirl’s full catalogue of Disney-themed device skins and choose your favorite!

Official Rules: Winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of Return to Disney. Winner will be contacted via the email address used to enter the giveaway. Winner will be contacted no later than Monday, March 24 and will have until March 26 to claim their prize. If the first winner does not claim their prize, a secondary winner will be chosen.

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