Life has been a bit crazy over the last few months, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing….except that it’s seriously cutting into my blogging time! I’ve missed my Disney people.

Look what I found in a drawer this morning!

This weekend I spent some time looking at this crazy schedule and all the projects I have on the horizon, and I realized something. More than ever, I really need another Disney vacation! Unfortunately, unless something falls out of the sky, it doesn’t look like it will happen this year (although Bill and I might – might! – be able to sneak off for a long weekend in January. SHHHH!!! Don’t tell the kids, they’d kill us!)

I’ve also been struggling a bit with this blog. What to say? When I first started writing, Return to Disney was supposed to be a chronicle of how I ramped up my writing business to pay for our next trip. Then it morphed into a collection of memories and fantasies for our next trip. Then I started writing about Disney and autism. You get the idea. I’ve kind of rambled my way through the last year! But it also means that part of why I’ve been so quiet is that I just don’t know what to write about any more. So…I’m asking you. What do YOU want to read about? What interests you?

  • Disney news and ramblings
  • Practical matters – how to pay for a Disney vacation, how to get the most from your vacation
  • Autism and special needs information

Leave a comment and tell me what you think I should be writing about here.