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I got the opportunity this week to sit down over a cup of virtual coffee and get to know Jeff Davis, News Director and on-air personality at Sorcerer Radio.

Jeff Davis of Sorcerer Radio

Jeff Davis of Sorcerer Radio

Jeff, thanks for taking the time to chat with me. How would you describe what you do at Sorcerer Radio?

I started with Sorcerer Radio back in 2006 reading the news on The Character Breakfast Podcast, then Wayne (Station Owner) and thought up the idea of doing a show on Sorcerer Radio itself, and that is how DW:60 got started.  Since then I now host The SRN Top 10, and my newest show which has been running for about 4 months now which is WDW After Dark.  Needless to say my schedule stays pretty busy even while at home, but I would not change anything about it.  That’s how much I enjoy my job with Sorcerer Radio.

What was the inspiration behind WDW After Dark?

The idea and inspiration for WDW After Dark came from one of the long phone conversations that I have with Sorcerer Radio’s Station Manager Aljon Go. We looked at everything and began to wonder what was missing from the Sorcerer Radio Network?  We already had the podcast and weekly morning shows on the station covered for some time, but we just could not put our finger on something new for us.  And then it hit us: a Disney Vidcast!  Now we already knew there were plenty of Disney related vidcast out there during the week, and they all pretty much had the same type of format for their viewers.  But there was one thing they were not doing, and that’s talking about Disney in an “Adult” type of atmosphere.  Now when I say “Adult”, I mean just a few friends sitting around having a few drinks, talking the way adults do.  No one else out there was doing that.  Now when adults are talking and having fun, sometimes certain language is used just in a funny and joking type of fashion.  But Aljon and I were not 100% confident on if it that type of content on a “Disney” show and format would draw viewers. I guess that we were wrong, because WDW After Dark has been an instant success!  We have created an atmosphere where is it’s ok to voice your negative opinion about something Disney has done that you don’t like, or even something they have done right.

What got you started in the Disney world? Was there a specific experience that convinced you to go beyond visiting the parks and watching the movies, to make Disney a big part of your career?

I guess that I have my parents to thank for that when they took me on my 10th birthday to the Walt Disney World Resort.  Right off the bat as I entered the Magic Kingdom, I was just overwhelmed by what Disney had created. Now what really changed everything as far as my love for Disney and wanting to make it part of my career happened on a trip to the Magic Kingdom with my father in the 1990’s. My father is in radio as well.  Not Disney Radio of course but at the time of this trip he was working for country station in New York City called WYNY.  WYNY at the time had been doing a big promotion with Walt Disney World for some lucky listeners to win a vacation at the resort.  Well it just so happened that my father was chosen to go with all the lucky winners of the promotion for that trip and to do a Live broadcast on WYNY from the Train Station on Main Street USA during the week and at the Radio Disney Studios at the then called Disney MGM Studios.  So naturally I got the chance to go with him on this trip, and I have to say…..  The very second I saw my father doing his show from Walt Disney World I was hooked!  And I said, “One day I want to broadcast from Disney World too!”.  Now Sorcerer Radio is getting me one step closer to making that dream come true!  And that of course is what Disney is all about!

What is your favorite memory from your first trip to a Disney park?

Gosh that was 15 years ago…  Can I remember that far back…  Lol…..  I guess, that it would have to be riding on the WedWay PeopleMover for the very first time.  Actually it was the very first attraction that I ever got on during my first trip to Walt Disney World.  I was just amazed that this ride had no wheels!!  What is pulling us along??  The technology of that attraction was an “eye opener” for me, and all the different things I saw on that attraction made me want to experience more.  I guess that I still feel that way even today when I get on the PeopleMover!

What is the one must-do attraction when you visit the parks?

Must do attraction?  Isn’t every attraction a must do!!  Lol…  Spaceship Earth is the one for sure.  There has never been a single time in the last 30 trips to Walt Disney World that I have not gotten on that attraction.  It’s the first attraction I go on when entering Epcot, and it’s the last that I will do before the park closes!

Is there a ride, attraction, or dining spot you’ve never experienced, but always wanted to?

Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show!  Never seen it…  Sure I’ve watched video of it, but I have never actually gone into the stadium and watched the show.  In the last few years while visit Walt Disney World it has always been do all and see all as quick as you can!  I was running myself crazy trying to get all my favorites done in one trip, and the Stunt Show never really did spark my interest.  But now as I’m getting up there in my years, I’ve slowed down a bit while visiting the parks and I’ve made sure to put this one attraction on my list as a “Must Do” as Stacy from Disney Resort TV says!!

Jeff, thanks for joining us! Readers – do you have any questions for Jeff?


WDW After Dark

WDW After Dark

Join Jeff on Friday nights at 9pm Eastern time for WDW After Dark

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