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It’s the Paint! I finally put my finger on it last weekend. We took a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Six Flags St. Louis, and as I looked around I realized what makes the Disney parks so different from other theme parks. You will never see chipped or fading paint at a Disney park. At Six Flags, everything looked old to me, and it took me a while to figure out why. The paint was faded. While we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort, maintenance crews were repainting the railings on several buildings, and I recall commenting to Bill that it seemed strange – the rails didn’t seem to need repainting to me. I couldn’t tell which ones had been repainted and which were still waiting for a new coat.

But maybe that’s the point. Everything at a Disney park looks brand new. Nothing – even at the Haunted Mansion! – looks dingy or faded or “good enough.”

Ok, maybe there’s one other difference: training. Every theme park employee goes through job training and safety training and some customer service training. But the difference is astounding. We took the train tour around the park, and the tour guide was clearly stumbling over the words, making it up as she went along. At Disney, not only do Cast Members have well-rehearsed scripts, they don’t sound like they’re reading a script!

Don’t get me wrong – we had a good time, and we’ll go back to Six Flags. But it wasn’t a life-changing trip. I’m not going to start a Six Flags blog. (Are there huge groups of Six Flags bloggers out there?) And all for want of a coat of paint.