I’ve always wanted a straight path in life. I wanted to be one of those people who decided what they wanted to do with their lives, and marched single-mindedly toward the goal. I wanted to live in the same house for 40 years.

Sometimes we don’t get what we want. Instead of that nice, uncomplicated arrow, I got the squiggly one. But I’ve learned something very important along the way: I have something fundamental in common with some of the most successful people in history (including ambulance driver, Walter Disney!):

I can do a lot of different things, and do them well. But there is one thing – one crazy thing – that only I can do. There are a lot of great web developers and copywriters and travel agents out there, but not one of them can write the stories I do.

So today, I’m re-introducing myself (here’s my official bio!), and inviting you a little deeper into my world. Return to Disney has languished while I figured out what to do with it. I knew I needed to focus my energy and limited time on writing new stories, but I just couldn’t bring myself to walk away! At the same time, I had set up a writer’s blog but was struggling to update it regularly. Then the cartoon light bulb went off: the whole purpose of an author’s blog is to give readers a way to get to know the author. What better way for readers to get to know me than to bring them here – to my original blogging home? And what better way to share a little bit of everyday magic with my old blogging friends than through my stories?

One of the things Disney does so well is storytelling – even the recycling bins at Disney theme parks tell a story! – and that’s what I want to focus on. Disney took old, classic stories like Cinderella and Snow White, and retold them in new ways that brought them back to life. I’ve always loved fairy tales, and will be featuring artists, authors, poets, musicians, and other creative individuals who bring the old stories back to life. Oh – and I’ll be sharing my own versions of some of my favorites as well!

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I’m interviewing Jenni James, author of a new series of fairy tales, and giving away a copy of her newest book, Beauty and the Beast (I’ve read it, it’s wonderful!). In the meantime, I have a present for you – just a little something for being so patient with me 🙂 Most fairy tales end with the prince kissing his true love. This modern fairy tale begins there. Now the question is, will the royal couple survive?

Castle Scardaugh, site of the annual gathering

Castle Scardaugh, site of the annual gathering

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