Last time we went to Walt Disney World, we got to the resort late Monday night, and left mid-day Friday. That gave us basically three and a half days there. By lunchtime each day, the kids were exhausted, overheated, and overstimulated so we went back to our hotel for nap and quiet time until dinner.  This time, we would like to be at the resort for a full five days, so we’re going to try to arrive late Sunday and leave early Saturday.

We want to stay at a moderate resort, but due to our family size we’ll need two rooms. Hopefully I can get connected ones.

For this trip, we’re hoping to travel with another family. If we can add just two more people to our party, we’ll have the 8 required for a Grand Gathering, and all the perks that go along with that. We’ll also be able to split the cost of a Deluxe Villa, which will cost the same as two rooms at a moderate resort but without the logistical issues.

We definitely want to do the Deluxe meal plan again, maybe this time we’ll add the wine option. There were a few days when a glass of wine with dinner would have been very nice!

I think we’ll skip the park hopper addition this time. We didn’t use it last time, and if we decide to go to more than one park in a day, we can always add it at the gate.

Total cost, including airfare, is about $5000.

My goal is to bring in $250 per week, over and above what I need to add to our normal family budget. At that rate, we should be able to fully pay for our vacation by mid-July, in plenty of time to place the reservation!

I’ll be posting my weekly totals, mostly for accountability, but also so that I keep track of where I’m at. That way, if something slips, I’ll know about it soon enough to adjust.