Sometimes the most ordinary things in the world are the most beautiful – it just takes a special person to show it. Much of what I write about here are ordinary things: a family vacation, a ride at an amusement park. It took some very special kids to show me how amazing, how beautiful those things can be.

How David Met Sarah is the story of the most ordinary, beautiful thing in the world: boy meets girl and they fall in love. It’s a story as old as humanity itself. What makes this story beautiful are the characters. David is a 24 year old man with Down Syndrome. He first notices Sarah, “the girl of his dreams,” in the diner where he eats breakfast every day. Like many young men, he spends the next several weeks in a fog trying to figure out how to meet her, how to impress her, and how to have a relationship with her.

This love story is beautiful because it’s ordinary. It reminded me how similar my developmentally delayed kids are to “typical” kids – they have the same emotions, the same drive to experience life, just on a slightly different schedule.

Like David, Sarah is developmentally delayed. She has autism and does not speak. When David learns of her limitations, he resolves to learn sign language so he can communicate with her. I’ve seen this so many times with special needs kids – they recognize when they meet someone else like them, and simply shrug off the accommodations they must make to bridge the gaps between them.

I’m glad to have spent an hour reading this story, and I’ll save it for the next few years until my sons are older and start thinking about girls. How David Met Sarah is a wonderful story of courtship, written for and about two people who don’t quite fit with the rest of the world. This book may just help them understand the emotions they’ll experience.

How David Met Sarah is available as an eBook from A print version is expected soon. 20% of the profits from this book will be donated to the National Down Syndrome Society, an organization that supports developmentally delayed adults.