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Haunted Manions, A Progression

Back in August, I wrote a post highlighting the progression of castles from Disneyland through the newest park in Shanghai, China. In honor of Halloween, I offer a progression of haunted mansions!

We’ll start out at the beginning, in Disneyland. This was the first place I encountered Disney’s 999 Happy Haunts, and it scared the daylights out of me! As I got older and returned to Disneyland, New Orleans Square and the Haunted Mansion became one of my favorite places in Disneyland. One of my few disappointments with Walt Disney World was that there was no New Orleans Square.

Haunted Mansion in New Orleans Square, Disneyland

Next, of course, we go to Florida. The Haunted Mansion in the Magic Kingdom is a departure from the Greek Revival style of the California Mansion.

Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom

The Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland is designed to be almost an exact replica of the Mansion in Florida, except that it’s more decayed and run down.

Haunted Mansion, Tokyo Disneyland

When Disney Imagineers created the Haunted Mansion attraction for Disneyland Paris, they started with a completely new design. This time they went with an appropriately run-down Queen Anne Victorian.

The Bride's Boudoir in Disneyland Paris

Hong Kong Disneyland does not have its own haunted mansion, although rumors have been flying for years that one is in the works. We’ll find out if the newest Disney park in Shanghai, China gets its version of the Haunted Mansion!

Of the four mansions, which is your favorite?