Get Creative with Disney Imagicademy
Welcome to the third post in our winter boredom busters series, sponsored by Wonder Forge Games! Today we’re playing with two Disney Imagicademy activity kits designed for younger kids

  • Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science
  • Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

Since the boys got to geek out on Star Wars last week, and seem to have an odd allergy to all things Frozen (Let it Go, guys!), This time it was just us girls – and we had a BLAST!

First up: Frozen Science activity kit.

Frozen Science

Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science

It comes with an activity book full of puzzles and science experiments that my daughter was able to do all by herself. The kit comes with a variety of colored pencils, stickers, a mister, rainbow glasses, and colored dye tabs for use in one of the experiments. I really liked that none of the experiments involved materials that I didn’t have on hand, and they really challenged her to think. The kit also comes with a sturdy pencil pouch attached to the book, to keep all of the materials together.Disney Imagicademy Frozen Science Kit

The book also includes word searches, drawing activities, silly stories, and other quiet activities that would be perfect for keeping a little mind entertained on a flight to the Walt Disney World Resort!

Scientist at Work

Next, we opened up the Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio.

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

This activity kit comes with everything you’ll need to make a simple stop-motion animated movie featuring your favorite Disney characters! You will need to download the free Storymation Studio app for your smartphone or tablet. It’s available for iOS and Android.

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio

The kit includes several backdrops, 6 tubs of clay, two plastic figures, an adjustable tripod, and various molds built into the carrying case. The base also converts into a stage that holds the backdrops in place.

This activity required some adult help to set up. My daughter (age 7 1/2) needed help getting my iPhone into the tripod correctly, and we ended up needing to create a blank background to set behind the Storymation Studio because the app wouldn’t allow us to zoom in on the stage. After some trial and error, she was able to create a fun test video to share with you!

The app allowed her to add fun special effects, music, and even a title sequence to her movie. It also showed her a light outline of her last shot, so she could figure out just how much to move the figures in the next shot to create a smooth transition. Once she got the hang of using the app and moving the figures, she was really happy with her final movie and spent the next hour or so planning her next feature film – look out YouTube, Mickey and Minnie might just visit My Little Pony!

I would recommend the Disney Imagicademy Storymation Studio for kids who want to create their own movies and have the patience to learn the stop motion process. The Storymation Studio app is a lot simpler and easier for young kids (age 7-10) to use than other apps I’ve tried out. I especially liked the sound-activated feature. When your child is ready, they can clap near the phone or tablet and the app will take the shot. This keeps their (clay-stained) hands off your iPhone, and prevents them from accidentally moving the camera. It was a little sensitive, however – if you look closely, you’ll see an extra frame in our test movie.

The Storymation Studio app may not have as many features as some other stop-motion movie making apps, but this kit will let your child try out stop motion animation. If they enjoy it, they’ll learn the basics and be ready to move on and make more intricate videos when they’re a little older.

What do you think? Would your child dive into Frozen Science or Storymation Studio?

Just to spice things up, we’ve decided to take suggestions for our next Storymation Studio film!

Who should star in our next video? Where should they go, and what should they do? We’ll take suggestions until January 31, and the winning suggestion will be featured right here and on the Return to Disney Youtube channel! Leave your suggestions in the comments below.