I’ve been playing with two new sites that I’ve just got to share with my Disney Foodie friends! What better time than the Disney Foodie Blog Hop to share them with you?

Foodie Finds Board on Pinterest

Ok, Pinterest isn’t all that new. It’s all over the social media world right now as the Next Big Thing. I’m not sure exactly, but I’ve been playing with it. You can save photos of interesting stuff to inspiration boards. I’ve created one called Foodie Finds that you can follow, because I know you’re all dying to see what yummy stuff I find on the net!

Chocolate Mousse Tower by One Green Planet

Chocolate Mousse Tower by One Green Planet

I Wanna Nom! is a newer site – Pinterest just for Foodies! I only found it a few days ago, so I don’t have a ton of things pinned there, but still. Major foodie geeking going on – check out the stuff I’ve found in the last few days: TBallad on IWannaNom!

P.S. – the recipe for Chocolate Mousse Tower can be found on One Green Planet. Definitely looking forward to trying this one out!

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