With Halloween two weeks from today, I’ve got transformations on the mind!

I start asking the kids in early September what they want to be for Halloween. I remember so many years when I was a kid, when I wouldn’t make a decision until a few days before and my mother scrambling to put something together for me. There’s a family tradition I’m happy to break! This year, Princess Cinderella will return to the family, but that’s the extent of the Disney theming (unless you count the haunted mansion-inspired birthday cake!)

She's got the Princess Wave down!

Alex has decided to go undead this year, which would be great had I not gotten rid of all the jeans with holes in them a few months ago! Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find something appropriate. The face paint, however, kinda had me stumped. Knowing Alex, he’ll want to go as gruesome as possible. Then I found this scar tutorial on the Disney Parks blog!