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Do You Pull the Kids Out of School to Travel?

One of the things I love about homeschooling is the flexibility we have to travel during the off season. First, it’s less crowded. Major plus when you’re trying to keep track of four kids! Second, it’s less expensive. Major plus when every time you turn around one of the kids has outgrown his jeans. Again! But I also realize that most families don’t have the luxury of scheduling school around things like vacation dates.

Bored student

Photo courtesy of Gunnsi via Flickr.com

When I was growing up, our family traveled a lot. Mostly to visit family, but we still spent a fair amount of time at local attractions. I remember traveling during the school year quite a bit – and that my parents usually worked with my teachers to make it an educational experience. We visited local history and natural history museums, I wrote reports about the places we visited, and gave presentations to the class when I got back.

In talking to other Disney bloggers and fans online, I’ve heard the lament over and over: “We can’t go during low-crowd times because the kids are in school.”

We homeschool, so it’s not really an issue for our family, but even if our kids were in regular school I think we’d probably pull them out to travel. Family time, and the new experiences you can only gain from getting out of town are just as important (in my humble opinion at least!) as this week’s math or grammar lesson. The kids are smart – they’ll pick it up when they get back.

What is your family’s take on travelling during the school year?