Dr. Jane Goodall

Yesterday, Dr. Jane Goodall presented the Walt Disney Company with the Jane Goodall Global Leadership Award for protecting wildlife and nature.

It would be so easy for a company like Disney to say “It’s not my job to save the environment.” After all, they’re an entertainment company! They make movies, run theme parks and hotels, and other fluff. It would be easy to leave the hard work of environmentalism and conservation to the hippies. But that wouldn’t be Disney, would it? If Disney does one thing, and does it well, it’s going over the top and exceeding expectations.

Animal Kingdom is a great source of edu-entertainment. But it doesn’t end there. The Disney Conservation Fund awards grants to local conservation projects all over the world. This morning I discovered yet another way that Disney uses its influence to help create a better world for us all: Disney’s Friends for Change.

We all know children are our future. Our kids are the ones who will someday take responsibility for our world. Disney is making conservation fun, exciting, and challenging. Instead of simply lecturing the kids on why it’s important to save water, reduce pollution, and save the whales, they are challenging kids to come up with their own solutions to local environmental problems – and giving them the resources to solve those problems!

Thanks to Disney’s Friends for Change, maybe I can quit nagging the kids to turn off the lights. Thanks, Disney, for making my job as a parent a little easier today.