We saw the marketing push for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) on our first trip, and basically ignored it. Well, except for the cool stickers people kept giving the kids:


We’d seen timeshares before. Heck, we even bought into a campground membership in our earlier days. Yeah, that didn’t go well. I think we used it exactly once. And ended up with a legal battle when we cancelled it. So when we glanced over the brochure for the DVC, admittedly we patted ourselves on the back and said “no, we’re too smart to fall for that….”

Ok, so there’s a fair supply of arrogance around here!

Then I started getting into the Disney blogosphere. And started seeing bloggers that I respect raving about the DVC. (Who WAS that??? I read too many blogs. If that was you, speak up!)

With our family size, we either have to stay in a villa, or get two rooms. I’m not too excited about the two room option, simply because it means either splitting up the adults (boo!) or letting the kids have their own hotel room (gasp!). And the DVC has some really nice villas. And they may actually end up being less expensive than the comparable rooms outside the DVC. And apparently there are discounts on tickets and the dining plan.

$12,000 is a lot of money to come up with up front, plus several hundred dollars per year. Would we use it?  Yeah…I think we would, and it would encourage us to go back to Disney at least once a year. It would make paying for those yearly vacations easier. But…it’s a timeshare! People who buy timeshares end up calling the guys those sleazy infomercials to resell them!

What’s your experience been with the DVC?  Totally worth it or timeshare scam?