Have a Very Happy Thursday, as Pooh would say. Thursdays ARE a Very Happy Day around here, because of course, it’s Blog Hop Day! If you’ve never been here before, welcome! If you’re an old friend, welcome back!

Today’s Blog Hop theme is “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.” I originally planned to do something cute with pictures – a good picture, a fuzzy (bad) one, and maybe one of Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters…then I read Lisa’s post about her day alone in WDW and I realized that just wasn’t gonna cut it. I’ll admit, I like to focus on the warm, fuzzy, positive memories. But reality is, taking four kids ANYWHERE, even to Disney World, is going to be a roller coaster. So here goes. Keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times…

when Disney was good, it was very very good . . .

The boys being inducted into Jack Sparrow's crew

Disney is like that – our boys had just finished devouring the Jack Sparrow novels, and as we’re walking through Adventureland who should call them out from the crowd but Captain Jack Sparrow himself! Their pirate commissions are stored securely under their pillows, awaiting that fateful night when the Black Pearl will come for them.

and when it was bad, it was horrid.

“horrid” is really the only word I can use when the combination of autism and sensory overload comes crashing down in the middle of dinner. Maybe if it weren’t so loud, or so busy, or if the poor kid hadn’t spilled his ice cream and gotten dirty….but it was, and he did, and we survived. Ish.

And then there is the ugly. That one moment (at which I did NOT whip out the camera!) when the kids were hot, tired, and whining, a certain husband (who shall remain nameless) was well beyond the limits of patience, and the ugly little thought creeped into my head, “if they’re all determined to be miserable, let them! Just keep walking and let HIM deal with it….” *cringe*

No, I did NOT abandon my husband with four whining kids and go back to the resort for a swim…but I did seriously consider it!