A couple of months ago, Bill and I signed up to watch a video on Disney’s new Hawaii resort, Aulani. I really did intend to write a review of it, but never did! The short version is – the resort looks like it will be wonderful (of course), and the behind the scenes peek was kind of interesting. I’m still not totally sold on the Disney Vacation Club, and the prices for the Hawaii resort are a little insane.

All in all, nice to dream about during those “What if we won the lottery” conversations, but nothing too exciting. Fun to watch though, if you’re a Disney travel video geek like me!

Then Bill brought the mail to the hospital for me to look through. There’s a white tube from Disney! I opened it up to find a signed lithograph of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy catching a killer wave:

nice wave, dude!

Nice wave dude!

Totally made my day, man…. 🙂