Destination Disney Quote

Image courtesy of Heidi’s Head Destination Disney in Quotes

I’m linking up with Heidi’s Head for the Destination Disney in Quotes blog hop. Today’s Destination Disney quote really grabbed my attention, because it reminded me of a conversation I’ve been having over the past few months with my promotions rep and very close friend, Shauntelle Hamlett of Sleaze Free Promotions.

The problem was, I’ve always idolized people who followed a straight path – who majored in something, got a job in their field, moved up through the ranks, lived in the same house for 40 years, then retired. My own path has been somewhat more winding! I’ve done a lot of different things, and I’ve walked away from several businesses and careers because they simply weren’t right for me. And secretly, I’ve chalked all those experiences up as failures, because they weren’t skyrocketing success stories. They weren’t my straight path.

But I’ve realized over the last several months, and this quote reminded me of this one simple fact: All those experiences weren’t failures at all! They were experiences. I learned from them. I gained skills and knowledge and confidence from that work that will serve me well in the next phase of my life. If Walt Disney can find his Thing sitting on a train and doodling pictures of mice, maybe my Thing is just around the corner too!