Sometimes, we spend so much time and energy focused on keeping our kids entertained and engaged that we Moms forget to pack something for ourselves to do while we wait for the plane to arrive. Sure, half the time, my kindle stays firmly entrenched in my carry-on because I’m frantically busy trying to keep four kids in the same general area, but at some point in every trip I stop and realize: everybody’s occupied, except for me.


I have a hard time finding just the right book to read sometimes. I have enough drama and stress in real life, so I don’t really want it in my entertainment too, but at the same time I want something smarter and more sophisticated than your average Harlequin romance. (You can only read so many virtually identical novels before you start to see the formulas.) So I wrote the story I wanted to read, and now you have a chance to win a signed copy!

You’ve probably seen the #DearSantaLoveDragyn tweets flying around for the last several weeks. There have been some really great prizes, and today I’m adding one to it: a signed or digital copy of Daughter of Oreveille. It’s my gift to you, so you have something wonderful to read on your next vacation.

Enter the #DearSantaLoveDragyn giveaway at

Daughter of Oreveille is available in paperback and Kindle eBook format, so I’m curious – how do you like your stories? Old fashioned books or filed away in your eReader?