[youtube style=”text-align:center”]ocXSqupDpoc[/youtube]

We are seriously considering pulling a stunt like this one on the kids. The question is . . . could we actually pull it off?

First, that would involve several months of planning without any of them overhearing.

Second, I would have to figure out a way to make sure I remember not to send any of the kids out to get the mail, since they would recognize the travel documents.

Third, we would have to somehow pack and load the car the night before — after the kids are all asleep, since the boys’ window overlooks the driveway.

Finally, we would have to make the all-important decision of when to tell them:

  • That morning (I bet there wouldn’t be any whining about getting dressed!)?
  • After we load them in the car to do “errands?”
  • Or do we cook up some story to explain why we have to take a “business trip” and promise them that we’ll figure out some time to do something fun after Mama and Dad are done with our “meetings?”

What do you think?