I’m a hotel junkie. Always have been. I remember several road trips when I was four or five when I begged my parents to stop for the night at a hotel when we got off the interstate about half an hour from home. Back then, the Motel 6 seemed like the height of luxury! The pull of the hotel has continued into adulthood – I’m still tempted to pull off the road and book a hotel room, or stay at a hotel when we visit family. Nothing against my family – they’re wonderful – but there’s something about walking into an immaculately clean room where everything is in its place. Some people call that sterile, I suppose. But they don’t live in my very lived-in house! To me it’s a nice change. A shift.

I’ve also developed some very definite preferences when it comes to hotels. Motel 6 doesn’t quite impress me the way it used to! These days, I love boutique hotels like the Hotel Indigo in Chicago. And that leads to an interesting question: How do you choose your Disney Resort hotel?

Port Orleans Riverside

For a shorter trip, where you plan to focus on just one or two parks, it makes sense to choose your resort based on location. But what about a longer trip of a week or more? I’ll be honest, when I’m choosing resorts I’m totally looking at the theming. I’m looking for an immersive experience. For me, the resort is the start of the fantasy. I pretend. When we stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside last year, I felt the slower pace, the (probably fictional) grace of another time. Yes, I know, intellectually, that all that grace was only possible because of a grossly unjust societal structure. But I digress. This is my fantasy, and as far as I’m concerned there are no uncomfortable underlying social issues!

When you choose your Walt Disney World Resort hotel, what’s your criteria? Are you looking for proximity to the parks, transportation options, theming, or amenities?