Treehouse Villa at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort

Image courtesy of Auntie Rain

Lately, I’ve been in the early planning stages of our next two vacations. Early next year (or possibly late this year, if I can work it out!) we’ll spend a long weekend at Walt Disney World without the kids. Crazy, huh? Then later next year we’ll do a big family trip.

The big question I need to answer right now is “which resort?” For our family trip, I’m just looking for something with enough space to accomodate a family of 6. While I’ve always been dubious about the value resorts, the Art of Animation does look interesting, and doesn’t seem to be as gaudy as the other value resorts. It may work for us.

For our solo trip, however, I’m looking for something nice. We stayed at the Port Orleans, Riverside in 2010, and it was beautiful. I’d like to stay somewhere else next time, to explore somewhere new. I’m torn between staying at one of the other moderate resorts – either the Caribbean Beach or Coronado Springs – or renting DVC points and staying in a Deluxe Villa.

I’m massively tempted by DVC, I’ll admit it. Not quite prepared to sign any paperwork, but definitely tempted! Except for one thing…DVC resort rooms are more like condos or vacation homes than hotels. I really like hotels, to be honest. Earlier this year we went away for a long weekend at a waterpark resort in Wisconsin, and stayed in a two-bedroom suite. The problem was, it was basically a townhouse. That weekend didn’t feel like a vacation to me. It felt like spending the weekend at someone’s house. I spend every day at home, when I vacation I want to know I’m away from home!

Have you stayed at a DVC resort? What did you think – was it a little too homey? Or was the vacation vibe alive and well?