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Autism and ADHD

Least Crowded Time at Disney World

Nothing kills the magic for an autistic child faster than a crowd. The noise, visual stimulation, and being bumped can all lead to instant sensory overload. Add to that the fact that cast members are likely to be more rushed and less relaxed, and the entire experience can be overwhelming. If your child is a wanderer, like mine, you know how quickly they can disappear in a crowded park. I recently exchanged emails with Christine Hardenberger of Magical Mouse Plans while planning our next trip to Disney World. After explaining that avoiding the crowds was one of our biggest priorities, she offered so much great advice that I asked if she would write a guest post here at Return to Disney. Thanks Christine! Here is what Christine had to say: Every day, I am asked this question.  Everyone wants to get the most out of their time at Disney...
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What Makes the Magic Happen?

Disney magic is different for everyone. As I’m planning our return to Disney World, I’ve seen a lot of information on visiting Disney on a budget, cutting costs, and so on. Some of it makes sense, but I’m staring at a hard decision: What’s essential, and what’s not? I knew when I started this journey that earning enough money above and beyond what I need to contribute to our family budget wasn’t going to be easy. I still don’t know for certain that I’ll be able to pull it off. Freelancing is a high-risk career – I may be drowning in work one week and have nothing to do (except blog!) the next. I won’t know for sure that I can pull off this trip until every last dime is actually in the bank. I priced out different options recently, and it really hit me – staying at a...
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Disney Magic

Anonymous Cast Members

There’s no question – Disney World really is magical. But there’s more to the magic than the characters. There is a small army of anonymous magicians who go out of their way to make sure the little details of your vacation just fall into place. I searched, and I don’t think I have a single picture of those cast members! That kid of bothers me. I remember them. They made our stay at Disney World the magical experience that it was. But they don’t get the accolades. Instead, they go home after their shift, take care of the kids, make dinner, and go back the next day to do it all over again. I’d like to invite you to share your memories of the anonymous cast members who made your Disney experience magical!  If you’re a Disney blogger, will you write a post on your blog celebrating the little...
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