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Autism and ADHD

Character Dining with Autistic Kids

Character dining is one of the most memorable activities offered at Disney resorts, but for children with autism, the experience can be stressful and overwhelming. Many autistic kids, including ours, also have sensory processing or sensory integration disorder. Simply put, they are either over- or under-sensitive to sensory input – sounds, visual stimulation, touch, even scents can be overwhelming. We attended two character dining events during our first trip to Disney World. Our first character dining experience was the safari breakfast at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.   It was a very calm, relatively orderly affair — maybe because it was early in the morning! Everyone enjoyed the experience, although we did learn that our little Princess has a deathly fear of Goofy. Donald got a big kiss though! Our second character dining experience was completely the opposite. We went to Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary Resort. The theme for...
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Bringing Disney Food Home

Without a doubt, the food at Disney is amazing. For me, bringing the magic home required a lot of photographs and the food. Of course I didn’t actually combine the two and take pictures of our meals. Maybe on our second trip I’ll be thinking like a blogger! Since none of the Disney chefs are likely to show up in the local restaurants, I did what I always do – figured out how to make it myself. My big souvenir from our first trip was a copy of Delicious Disney:   Some of the recipes are things I already knew how to make, but a few are truly over the top. And as I was reminded recently, I still haven’t gotten around to making Tonga Toast for the family. UPDATE: Tonga Toast at home! The alfredo pasta is absolutely amazing, and is made differently than any alfredo I’ve made before. Want to see...
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Disney Dining Plan or Pay With Cash?

I’ve seen a lot of blog posts out there criticizing the Disney Dining Plan on the grounds that it may or may not offer a significant cost savings depending on the restaurants you choose and what you order. Ok, that’s fair. But I’d like to share why our family wouldn’t do Disney World without the dining plan: It’s a vacation. Maybe some people enjoy budgeting. Not me. I don’t want to think about money when I’m on vacation. That doesn’t mean I go nuts and buy everything in the gift shop. It does mean that I don’t want to have to keep a running total in my head of how much each meal is going to cost, whether we’re over or under budget. I don’t want to stress about being broke by the end of the week because I didn’t pay close enough attention to prices at the beginning....
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Yeah, we need to go back.

This morning after breakfast: “Mama,  I’m Mickey Mouse!” Ok, so that’s cute. Then she proceeded to tell me all about meeting Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Apparently, she remembers all about giving Mickey a kiss and hugging Minnie Mouse at the character dinner at Chef Mickey’s, but she doesn’t like Goofy. So much for that whole “2 year olds have no long-term memory” thing….   Pin It
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How much is this going to cost?

Last time we went to Walt Disney World, we got to the resort late Monday night, and left mid-day Friday. That gave us basically three and a half days there. By lunchtime each day, the kids were exhausted, overheated, and overstimulated so we went back to our hotel for nap and quiet time until dinner.  This time, we would like to be at the resort for a full five days, so we’re going to try to arrive late Sunday and leave early Saturday. We want to stay at a moderate resort, but due to our family size we’ll need two rooms. Hopefully I can get connected ones. For this trip, we’re hoping to travel with another family. If we can add just two more people to our party, we’ll have the 8 required for a Grand Gathering, and all the perks that go along with that. We’ll also be...
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