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Disney Blog Hop – Garden Edition

Welcome blog hoppers!  This week’s theme is gardens, and I’ll admit – while I like flowers as much as the next girl, they just don’t inspire me all that much….which explains why I don’t have a lot of pictures of the flowers at Disney World. However….this is one bit of landscaping that definitely caught my attention! I love that this entire sculpture is made of recycled materials – mostly bottle caps and other found objects! Pin It
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Uh oh….I think they’re onto us!

Patrick has asked me about 14 times today “When are we going back to Disney?” He would also like me to know – just in case I was wondering – that he “likes everything about Disney, even the hotel rooms!” I was non-committal….the fact is, I don’t know for sure when we’re going back. Until I make that reservation, anything could happen. Besides, half the fun is surprising them! Anybody know where I can get a 4-foot Mickey statue? How cool would it be to sneak it into their room the night before we leave, and have Mickey holding an invitation to join him for dinner?? Pin It
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Bringing Disney Food Home

Without a doubt, the food at Disney is amazing. For me, bringing the magic home required a lot of photographs and the food. Of course I didn’t actually combine the two and take pictures of our meals. Maybe on our second trip I’ll be thinking like a blogger! Since none of the Disney chefs are likely to show up in the local restaurants, I did what I always do – figured out how to make it myself. My big souvenir from our first trip was a copy of Delicious Disney:   Some of the recipes are things I already knew how to make, but a few are truly over the top. And as I was reminded recently, I still haven’t gotten around to making Tonga Toast for the family. UPDATE: Tonga Toast at home! The alfredo pasta is absolutely amazing, and is made differently than any alfredo I’ve made before. Want to see...
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