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Disney’s Festival of the Masters 2013

Today through Sunday, November 10, Downtown Disney is being transformed into an open-air art festival known as Disney’s Festival of the Masters. This is an annual event that is right there with the Epcot Food and Wine Festival on my Disney bucket list. Throughout this 3-day event, you’ll be able to see and purchase work from more than 130 award-winning artists, as well as artwork from Disney Imagineering and the Yellow Shoes Creative Group. Going beyond the artwork itself, the artists and imagineers will be available for meet and greets and demonstrations throughout the weekend. The festival is not limited to visual arts – performance artists from La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil will demonstrate their skills as well. Several venues, including House of Blues, Bongos Cuban Café, Raglan Road, and Splitsville, have live bands scheduled to play. This event would be a blast for adults at Downtown Disney without kids,...
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Recent Posts

Harry Potter – the next Sensory Friendly Film!

Going to the movies is usually a nice, easy way to entertain the kids on a hot summer afternoon. But nothing is “usual” around here. Taking kids with autism and sensory issues to a movie theater is anything but relaxing. The loud, booming sound track, intense contrast between the bright screen and dark theater, and worst of all, the silence thing. As in, people tend to glare at you when your kid starts repeating lines from the movie over and over and over and …. you get the idea. Movie theaters and autism are NOT a good combo. No big deal, right? Just wait for the DVD and watch it at home. Except that movies can be a great way to start a social interaction – something kids like mine need to practice. The summer blockbuster gives the kids something to talk about that other kids might actually know...
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Autism and ADHD

Behind the Behavior: I Really Want to Talk to You!

Autism is an invisible disability, and parents of affected children often hesitate to ask for the accommodations their children need because a child with autism looks just like every other kid . . . until their behavior attracts attention. Despite awareness efforts, most people would assume that a child that’s bouncing uncontrollably – or worse, smacking his brother’s head over and over – is simply misbehaving (and maybe feeling the effects of too much sugar). Over the next several weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts that I hope will help you understand what autism looks like, and give you some techniques for handling the situation gracefully when you do encounter a child (or an adult!) with autism in your travels. I asked several parents of children with autism what they wish other parents knew about their children’t disorders. The answers I got were deeply heartfelt, and in some...
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Disney Magic

“How Do They Know My Name?”

Just another example of Disney magic – our only girl has answered to “Princess” from the day she was born. Everywhere we went at Disney World, cast members greeted her as “Princess!” The first time, she was utterly shocked–how could this stranger know her name? But after the first day, she seemed to accept it as perfectly normal! This little girl is normally VERY shy around strangers, but apparently people who know your name is Princess are ok! Pin It
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