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Harry Potter – the next Sensory Friendly Film!

Going to the movies is usually a nice, easy way to entertain the kids on a hot summer afternoon. But nothing is “usual” around here. Taking kids with autism and sensory issues to a movie theater is anything but relaxing. The loud, booming sound track, intense contrast between the bright screen and dark theater, and worst of all, the silence thing. As in, people tend to glare at you when your kid starts repeating lines from the movie over and over and over and …. you get the idea. Movie theaters and autism are NOT a good combo. No big deal, right? Just wait for the DVD and watch it at home. Except that movies can be a great way to start a social interaction – something kids like mine need to practice. The summer blockbuster gives the kids something to talk about that other kids might actually know...
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Autism and ADHD

Guest Assistance Card – Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder

Taking kids with autism and sensory processing disorders anywhere can be a challenge. We were concerned before our trip that our boys’ special needs would make the entire experience a nightmare. They don’t deal well with changes in routine, extreme heat, or crowds – all definite challenges at Disney World! I did my research, and learned about the Guest Assistance Card, which is available to guests with special needs, including autism spectrum disorders. The card allows you to bypass the lines, wait in a separate area if needed to avoid the crowds, and get any other assistance you need in order to make the experience magical. To get the Guest Assistance Card, stop by the Guest Services office at the first theme park you visit. The card is good at all the parks for the duration of your stay. According to my research, a letter from the kids’ doctor or therapist...
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Disney Magic

Ships Sail in Darkness

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney Go To Girl or those of you who have just hopped aboard.  I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail. Our challenge for this special Magical Blogorail loop is to interpret a Mouse of Zen haiku with a photo and personal memory. Before I can offer my interpretation, I have two confessions to make: First, I’m a poetry geek. I majored in English in college and wrote my thesis on Yeats’ The Second Coming. I have far too many notebooks full of random verse that never quite saw the light of day. Second, just between you and me, I hate haiku. I always have. I couldn’t stand it in grade school when they made us write them. I won’t bore you with my analysis of the form and my objections to it. Just suffice it to say, haiku...
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Splitting Up On Disney Cruises

Have a Very Happy Thursday, as Pooh would say. Thursdays are always fun around here, because it’s Blog Hop day! Thanks to Lisa from Babes in Disneyland for hosting, as always. This week’s theme is family, and that actually turned out to be a bit difficult. Almost everything I write about here centers around my family! As I’ve been thinking it over today, I realized there is one thing I haven’t covered here at Return to Disney: the Disney Cruise Line. While I was running my launch party giveaway in April, I reviewed the Disney Parks videos, including one about the Disney Cruise Line. We hope to take our family on a Disney vacation every year or so, and we’re expecting that we’ll probably branch out from the two American theme parks eventually. Disneyland Paris is definitely on my must-do list, thanks to the great photos and stories at...
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Disney Dining

Avoid Overheating at Disney

Florida gets hot. Miserably, sticky, HOT. The weather is one of those background things that you might not take into consideration before you arrive, but once you’re there it’s hard to escape it. We planned for the weather only to the extent that I packed shorts for the boys and sundresses for my princess. We bought a camel pack (which we promptly forgot at home. Whoops.) to stay hydrated. Unfortunately, simply dressing for the weather and drinking plenty of water wasn’t enough. Several members of our family are extremely sensitive to heat, and I dehydrate at the drop of a hat. Luckily, there were plenty of ways at Disney World to get out of the heat and avoid meltdowns. Safety First Overheating and dehydration are not things you can just live with. At least for our family, moderate discomfort can escalate into full-on heat stroke in a heartbeat. Carry water...
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