Without a doubt, the food at Disney is amazing. For me, bringing the magic home required a lot of photographs and the food. Of course I didn’t actually combine the two and take pictures of our meals. Maybe on our second trip I’ll be thinking like a blogger!

Since none of the Disney chefs are likely to show up in the local restaurants, I did what I always do – figured out how to make it myself.

My big souvenir from our first trip was a copy of Delicious Disney:


Some of the recipes are things I already knew how to make, but a few are truly over the top. And as I was reminded recently, I still haven’t gotten around to making Tonga Toast for the family. UPDATE: Tonga Toast at home!

The alfredo pasta is absolutely amazing, and is made differently than any alfredo I’ve made before. Want to see how it’s made? Check out Foodie Friday: Alfredo a la Epcot!

Since it’s almost 9 pm on a Tuesday, I’m not going to start cooking tonight just so I can take pictures, but I do want to start cooking my way through Delicious Disney. And now I have even more incentive (and an excuse to practice my food writing and  photography skills!)

What’s your favorite Disney meal – and could you recreate it at home?