Welcome to everyone here from the Blog Hop hosted by Babes in Disneyland! This week’s theme is Disney pictures taken somewhere other than one of the parks. Well it just so happens that Princess gave me the perfect photo opp this week!

A little background first. Princess is almost 3. She’s been in on-again-off-again potty training mode all year. She actually spent most of our first trip to Disney World diaper-free! Β Lately….not so much. Gotta love toddlers. So I made a huge deal of letting her pick out her very own stickers, which she earns by going potty and staying dry.

Princess earned a sticker!

She started the morning strong, with a Donald sticker.

The Princess hair flip

I’d love (LOVE!) to report that the stickers all over her dress were an indication of our limited time left in diaper-land. No….apparently that whole “you have to EARN your stickers” concept went over her head. Or more likely, was gleefully ignored.


Yeah, I’m going with “gleefully ignored.”

Pooh will protect her from the paparazzi!

Princess fled to her chambers, where Winnie the Pooh will save her from the paparazzi (aka Mom with the camera)!

Guess I need to find a better spot to stash the Disney stickers!